The Age of Innovation project has been carried out during year 2017 as a part of the Tampere3 Innovation Scout project funded by Tekes.

In 2018 several activities of the Age of Innovation will be carried out by Staff Training and Y-kampus.
Don’t forget to check out other events at the Y-kampus as well!

On this website you can find information about the Age of Innovation -project carried out in 2017:

The main goal of the Age of Innovation has been to develop the participants’ capacity to utilise and commercialise research results and innovations. It has been aimed at experts, researchers and personnel of all Tampere3 universities. Master’s students have also been welcome to join.

The Age of Innovation comprises of modules (e.g. workshops or trainings) on developing business ideas and utilising  research results. The ideas have been explored from different perspectives such as service design, productisation, pitching and digital storytelling. Every module has been an independent section; it has been possible to participate in all of them or just in those that have been the most useful and the most interesting in one´s situation.

In addition to modules, the Business Case Club have offered the opportunity to develop business or project idea further with other experts from different fields. In the Age of Innovation model one benefits the most when participating in both the modules and the Business Case Club, but it is possible to choose either the modules or the Business Case Club.

Participating in the modules and the Business Case Club has been free of charge.