Past events and news

02 December 2016

The book about water in Russian culture is out!
Meanings and Values of Water in Russian Culture. Jane Costlow & Arja Rosenholm (eds.). Routledge, 2017.

15-16 August 2016
Water Power Symposium, Tampere, Finland


Veteen piirretty -kirjan työpaja, Turku.

9-10 April 2015

Third project workshop in Tampere.


Vesitilat kirjallisuudessa -teemaseminaari, Tampere

8-9 November 2013

Second project workshop in Tampere,
Deadline for drafts is 25 October 2013.

25 May 2013

Tervetuloa tutkimushankkeen ”Vesi sosiaalisena ja kulttuurisena tilana: Muuttuvat arvot ja representaatiot” ja kirjan esittelytilaisuuteen tiistaina 28. 5. 2013 klo 12.00-13.30.


18-19 January 2013

Project workshop in Tampere. List of paper abstracts handled and presentations given:

Tapio Katko: Functions of Water Serving Everyday Life
Scott Slovic: The Scale of Water: Art, Literature, and the Evolution of Environmental Consciousness
Päivi Pahta: Water Wells and the Culture of Health in Early Modern England: The Case of Royal Tunbridge Wells
Jane Costlow: Holy Springs: Histories and Hydrologies in Place
Christian Krötzl: ‘Holy Water – Healing Water. On Pilgrimages and the Functions of Water in Medieval Society’
Nina Tynkkynen: Creating the Political Space of the Baltic Sea Protection: A Drama Perspective
Riikka Rajala: Long-Term Development of Domestic Water Consumption: The Case of Finland
Petri Juuti: From a Sewer to the Water Service: Environmental History of the Waters of the River Vantaa and the City Vantaa from the Early 1900s to the Present
Arja Rosenholm: Cultural Memory Flooding in the Socialist Topography: Hydropower in the Soviet and Post-Soviet Film Narratives
Withold Bonner: An Overview of Changing and Inconsistent Meanings of Water in GDR Literature at Different Times
Verena Winiwarter: Danube as a Theatre of War in the 17th and 18th Century English Press
Toni Lahtinen: The Trope of the River in Finnish Prose Ballads
Maria Litovskaja: River in the Soviet Popular Songs during “Thaw” (1954-1970): The Formation of Friendly Space
Mika Perkiömäki: An Ecocritical Approach to the River in Viktor Astafyev’s “King Fish”
Markku Lehtimäki: The Deep Waters of Literary Theme: Nature, Narrative, and Identity in Barbara Kingsolver’s “The Lacuna”
Yrjö Haila: Water in the endosomatic and exosomatic metabolism of human society: an eco-social perspective


11 October 2012

The opening seminar of the AKVA program at Academy of Finland. More information in Finnish at

25 September 2012

The project poster is now available. To see it in PDF format, click the thumbnail image on the right. Poster design by Marja-Liisa Torniainen.

20 September 2012

UNESCO Chair in Sustainable Water Services (UNECWAS) at Tampere University of Technology. Read more about it in Finnish at

03 September 2012

Online course Safe and Sustainable Sanitation at Tampere University of Technology (starting already this week, ending late November) is now open for registration. Check details at

24 August 2012

Vesimyytit ja faktat – Vesi ja yhdyskuntien kehitys -sarjan päätösseminaari 21.9.2012. More information at

23 August 2012

The project WWW pages were opened at Later this page will be used to publish project related news.