Dr. Tapio S. Katko is Adjunct Professor at Tampere University of Technology, heading the Capacity Development in Water and Environmental Services research team and holding the UNESCO Chair in Sustainable Water Services at Tampere University of Technology (2012-16). His research interests include long-term development of water infrastructure, management, institutional, policy and governance issues of water services. Dr. Katko has wide international experience of water services development in Finland, Europe, USA and southern Africa region.

His latest major publications include:

  1. Juuti P., Katko T. & Lantz K. (eds.; in print, expected Oct 2012). Water Services Management and Governance: Past Lessons for a Sustainable Future. IWA Publishers, London. 196 p. (coordinating editor) http://www.iwapublishing.com/template.cfm?name=isbn9781780400228
  2. Hynynen A., Juuti P. & Katko T.S. (eds) 2012. Water fountains in the worldscape. International Water History Association. KehräMedia Ltd. 222 p.
  3. CADWES publications, http://www.tut.fi/cadwes/publications.php

Functions and Importance of Water to People and Changes Over Time in Finland

Dr. Tapio Katko will focus on the question of how people have perceived water and its functions to the early 21st century. The idea is based on the finding that surprisingly little attention has been paid to the prioritization of various types of water use purposes: how have these uses been prioritized in the past and how are they likely to be prioritized in the future? Earlier studies indicate that after water supply and waste water systems, more emphasis and value should be placed on ‘water nature’. Nature conservation and the recreational use of water seem to be growing in importance. This research will focus on the following functions of water and the ways that they are perceived: water as a basic right, water as a natural resource, water as an economic asset, and water as a cultural asset and resource. In this context a comparative survey of six to ten selected countries, in different continents, will be conducted. A pretest of the survey established the feasibility of a wider survey. It is hypothesized that, in spite of different conditions, people’s perceptions are likely to have significant similarities, as shown, for example, by the widespread use of constructed water artifacts such as fountains, visible everywhere in urban environments.”

Contact Information

Tapio S. Katko
UNESCO Chair in Sustainable Water Services
Adjunct professor, DSc (Civ. Eng)
Tampere University of Technology (TUT)
Dept. of Civil Engineering
P.O.Box  600, FIN-33101 Tampere, FINLAND
tel. +358-400-737 407 (mobile)
e-mail: tapio.katko@tut.fi
Capacity Development in Water and Environmental Services (CADWES) Research Team www.cadwes.com