Toni Lahtinen, PhD is a university instructor at the University of Tampere, Finland. His doctoral dissertation (2013) dealt with ecocriticism and the metaphor of the land‑as‑a‑woman in representations of the Arctic wilderness. Lahtinen has published several ecocritical articles on Finnish literature and is also the editor of several publications, including the first Finnish ecocritical anthologies. He is currently engaged in postdoctoral research on the depictions of environmental risks, catastrophes and myths in contemporary Finnish literature. Lahtinen is also the presiding chairman of the Finnish Literary Research Society.

Water Tropes in Finnish Literature

Toni Lahtinen’s project will discuss the following water tropes in Finnish literature 1) the river as a grand scale metaphor in Finnish prose ballads where the trope not only reflects the romantic passion of
the characters but also deals with social and political issues such as women’s emancipation, critique of technology and environmental awakening 2) the trope of the shipwreck in classic Finnish literature where the trope depicts both the inner turmoil of characters and the fears of modernity and technologization 3) the myth of the Great Deluge in contemporary climate fiction where flooding waters threat the national utopian vision of Finland as an isolationist, peaceful haven, far away from the troubles of the world.

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