Intersubjectivity in Action


Intersubjectivity in Action -konferenssi Helsingissä. Niina ja Arja esitelmöivät otsikolla “Gestures and understanding in second language interaction”.

“Gestures are central to sense making practices and play a key role in socially observable displays of understanding (Goodwin 2000). Recent studies suggest that gestures can also serve as important resources in second language learning (e.g. learning of L2 constructions) (Eskildssen & Wagner 2015). This paper investigates how gestures and bodily movements support intersubjectivity in second language interactions. More specifically, we look at sequences where participants orient to problems of understanding through their bodies, especially through talk and gesture. Drawing on multimodal conversation analysis, the analysis focuses on three different uses and functions of gestures 1) gestures that orient to the possibility of an understanding problem before a problem has surfaced in talk, 2) gestures used to clarify a trouble source in repair solution and 3) gestures that are used to claim understanding.”

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