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Publications by team members

International Journal of Communication, Vol. 4 – 2010, Special section on China: Introduction by Yuezhi Zhao + 9 articles

Javnost – The Public, Vol. 19 – 2012, No. 2, Special issue on Communication and Class Divide in China: Introduction by Yuezhi Zhao + 5 articles

Monthly Review, Vol. 64 – 2012, No. 5, article by Yuezhi Zhao

Chinese Journal of Communication, Vol. 5 – 2012, No. 3, article by Herman Wasserman

The Round Table: The Commonwealth Journal of International Affairs, Vol. 105 – 2012, No. 5, article by Daya Thussu Media Now-Daya Thussu-Round Table article[1].pdf

China Daily Africa Weekly, 9 August 2013, column by Herman Wasserman

Journalism that Matters: Views from Central and Eastern Europe (eds. Michal Glowacki, Epp Lauk & Aukse Balcytiene, Peter Lang 2015, 153-173), chapter by Svetlana Pasti
Russian journalism as a social lift: comparing journalistic attitudes in the period 1992-2008′

Inter Press Service, 22 July 2015, opinion of Daya Thussu

Observer Research Foundation ORF (India), March 2016, report by Marko Juutinen and Jyrki Käkönen

ORF, September 2017, comment by Marko Juutinen

Globalisation and the return of the past, September 2017, reflection by Jyrki Käkönen

The first decennia of BRICS, March 2018, comment by Jyrki Käkönen

Conference presentations

Presentation at BASEES Annual Conference in Cambridge, 31 March – 2 April 2012
Kaarle Nordenstreng and Svetlana Pasti: The Russian Media System in the Context of BRICS

Paper presented at 1st International Conference of Journalism Studies in Santiago de Chile   27-29 June 2012
Kaarle Nordenstreng and Svetlana Pasti: Paradoxes of journalistic profession: Case of Russia in the context of the BRICS countries

Presentations at  conference of International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR) in Durban, 15-19 July 2012, special session “Global Communications – BRICS and Beyond”
Joseph Straubhaar: Brazil as TV Exporter
Kaarle Nordenstreng: Russia in BRICS
Daya Thussu:  India in the Global Media Sphere
Zhengrong Hu and Deqiang Ji: China’s Rise and Global Communication: Problems and Prospects
Herman Wasserman: China in South Africa

Keynote speech at ECREA Conference in Istanbul, 25-27 October 2012
Daya Thussu: Internationalizing Media Studies and the ‘Rise of the Rest’

Presentation at BRICS workshop in Tampere, 12 November 2012
Raquel Paiva: Brazilian media landscape

Presentations at Moscow Readings conference in Moscow, 15-16 November 2012, panel on BRICS and Media
Kaarle Nordenstreng: Introduction
Jukka Pietiläinen: Freedom of the press in BRICS countres
Raquel Paiva: Some words about media in Brazil
Dmitry Strovsky: Journalism process in modern Russia
B.P.Sanjay: Overview and current issues in India
Yuezhi Zhao: Paradoxes in post reform Chinese media politics
Herman Wasserman: South African media: local contests and global shifts

Presentation at BRICS workshop in St. Petersburg, 16 November 2012
Dmitry Gavra: Russian Political System

Presentation at Tsinghua University conference on the future of global communication and journalism education in Beijing 15 December 2012
Herman Wasserman: South Africa and China as BRICS partners: media perspectives on geopolitical shifts

Presentations at  ICA preconference, London, 17 June 2013
Kaarle Nordenstreng: How BRICS pushes to change the conventional paradigms in communication studies
Colin Sparks: Deconstructing the BRICS

Presentations at IAMCR conference in Dublin, 25-29 June 2013, sessions of the International Communication Section
Jyrki Käkönen: BRICS and a new constellation in international relations? 
Raquel Paiva de Araujo Soares and Muniz Sodré Cabral: Identity crisis in professional journalism in Brazil
B.P. Sanjay: Responses to global power and commication orders: BRICS and India´s domestic and comperative response in the information and communications sector
Elena Vartanova and Anastasia Grusha: Russian media system under state and commercial pressures
Colin Sparks: Comparing media systems: A critical analysis
Daya Thussu and Savyasaachi Jain: Modelling India’s multiple media systems
Svetlana Pasti, Dmitri Gavra and Peixi Xu: Internet media shaking Russian and Chinese media systems
(Link to Zhengrong Hu: Lost in Global Capitalism? Economic Vulnerability, Value Crisis and the Shift of Soft Power in China

Presentations at World Public Forum in Rhodes (Greece), 2-6 October 2013

Kaarle Nordenstreng: From the Idea of Information Society to Mapping Media in the BRICS countries.
Daya Thussu: The digital and demographic dividends of an ‘Indian‘ Internet
Andrei Vyrkovsky, Elena Vartanova, Mikhail Makeenko: Convergence in Russian Newsrooms: Changes of Media or Change of Society?
Zhengrong Hu: Digitalization and Chinese Social Stratification – Internet Usage in China as a Case

Presentations at Moscow Readings conference in Moscow, 14-15 November 2013, Round Table on media systems in the BRICS countries
Kaarle Nordenstreng with Colin Sparks: A critical look at the concept of media system 
Svetlana Pasti: Journalists in the BRICS countries

Presentations at IAMCR conference in Hyderabad, 15-19 July 2014, sessions of the Journalism Research & Education (JRE) Section
Svetlana Pasti: Journalists in online media: Perspectives from the BRICS countries. Introduction
Raquel Paiva: Twenty years of online journalism in Brazil: A mirror of the country 
Dmitrii  Gavra: Journalists of the Russian online media: Values and Professionalism 
G. NagaMallika: Understanding online journalism: Redefining news coverage in India
(Not working) Yu Xu and Raymond Ruiming Zhou: Online journalism in China: Views from a period of transition
Musawenkosi W. Ndlovu: What is the state and future of online journalism in South Africa?

Presentations at IAMCR conference in Montreal, 13-17 July 2015, sessions of the Journalism Research & Education (JRE) Section
Muniz Sodré Cabral: Transformations in the news
Svetlana Pasti: Mainstream:  More common than different
Ravindra Vemula and Jyotika Ramaprasad: Profiling Journalists: The Changing Dynamics of the Indian (News) Media System
Yu Xu, Raymond Ruiming Zhou and Xianzhi Li: Information Disseminator or Opinion Guider? 
Musawenkosi Ndlovu: The State Journalism in South Africa

Presentations at the INTERCOM Conference in Rio de Janeiro, September 3, in the Panel Journalists in BRICS: Reporting findings of empirical research  with chair Svetlana Pasti and discussant Jyotika Ramaprasad
Raquel Paiva: Professional characteristics  of journalism in online and traditional media in Brazil
Dmitry Gavra and Dmitry Strovsky: Russian journalists: Attitudes to protests
Ravindra Kumar Vemula: The Changing paradigms of news rooms, journalists & organizations: Deli & Hyderabad
Ruiming Zhou: Reflections on journalistic professionalism survey in contemporary China
Musawenkosi W. Ndlovu: What is the job prospects for journalists in South Africa in the next decade?

Presentations at the IAMCR conference in Leicester, 27-31 July 2016, in sections of International Communication (INC) and Journalism Research & Education (JRE)

Panel on Democracy as Highlighted by BRICS
Muniz Sodre Cabral: Media, democracy and social rights in Brazil
Dmitry Gavra: Lessons from Russia: Hybrid authoritarian media system
Daya Thussu: Dividends or dangers: Digital media in the world’s largest democracy
Colin Sparks: What can contemporary China teach us about the media and democracy?
viola milton: Media and democracy in South Africa: The case of the public service broiadcaster

Panel on Media Systems in the BRICS Countries
Fernando Oliveira Paulino and Liziane Guazina: Structure and characteristics of the Brazilian media system
Elena Vartanova: Controversites of the post-analogue and hybrid media system: The Russian context
B.P. Sanjay: The media system in India: Capitalising on democratic dividend and enhanced options
Zhengrong Hu & Denqian Ji: “Internet +” or “+ Internet”? The changing power structure of media system in China
Pieter Fourie: The South African media system in 2016: Free media under (renewed) pressure

Panel on BRICS on Screen: Visions from the Global South
Joseph Straubhaar & Heloisa Pait: Creating the socia-critical telenovela in Brazil
viola milton & Winston Mano: Afro-ish – Cultural trauma, man on ground and the political economy of globalization
Ying Zhu: China’s cultural war against the West
Iiris Ruoho: & Jie Gao: Anxiety and utopian sensibility: Media professionals in the Chinese TV drama Cell Phone
Beschara Karam: The politics on identity, culture, and trauma in Neil Blomkamp’s ‘Chappie’
Liani Maasdorp: Character, memory & landscape in selection of recent South African documentary films

Panel on Stability, Transition and Change: Dimensional Analysis of BRICS Journalists’ Views
Raquel Paiva & Joao Paulo Malerba: Experiences from community radio in Brazil
Dmitry Gavra & Dmitry Strovsky: Journalism and political protest in Russia
Jyotika Ramaprasad: The professional identity of Indian journalists
Herman Wasserman & Musawenkosi Ndlovu: Changes in making news in South African journalism

Panel on Gender and Journalism in the BRICS
Claudia Lago, Mara Lago & Monica Martinez: Gender in journalism: Does it matter in Brazil?
Svetlana Pasti: A feminizing profession and traditional values in Russia
Nagamallika Gudipaty & Ravindra Kumar Vemula: Changing face of Indian women journalists
Deqiang Ji: Gender equality in Chinese journalism
Musawenkosi Ndlovu: Gender and the South African newsroom

Panel on Journalism Education in the BRICS Countries
Sonia Virginia Moreira & Claudia Lago: Journalism education in Brazil: Neglected issues
Elena Vartanova & Maria Lukina: Journalism education in Russia
B.P. Sanjay: Journalism and education in India through the BRICS framework
Ke Guo & Chen Peiqin: Changing landscape of journalism education in China
Anthea Garman: Riding the waves: Post-Apartheid journalism education in South Africa

Presentations at the IAMCR conference in Cartagena, 16-21 July 2017, in section of International Communication (INC). Panel on BRICS Media Systems as a Challenge.
Colin Sparks: Re-conceptualizing media systems
Fernando Oliveira Paulino and Liziane Soares Guazina: Brazilian media system in a shaking environment
Sanjay Bharthur: Media systems and structures in dynamically developing India
Zhengrong Hu and Deqiang Ji: Re-defining media convergence and re-thinking the role of Internet in China

Presentations at the 2017 China Communication Forum in Xiamen, Fujian, China on 26 August 2017
Opening by Hu Zhengrong, President of CUC
Hu Zhengrong: Three stages of China’s global communication
Huang Heshui: Bright future of future in BRICS countries
Kaarle Nordenstreng: Media systems in the BRICS countries
Daya Thussu: BRI and BRICS
Raquel Paiva: Contemporary media and journalism in Brazil
Dmitrii Gavra: Strategic communications of the BRICS countries and the Silk Way countries
B.P. Sanjay: NWICO and BRICS
Ji Deqiang: Media convergence with Chinese characteristics
Herman Wasserman: China-Africa media relations
Colin Sparks: Comparing media systems

Presentations at 2017 European Journalism Training Association (EJTA) Moscow, Russia 19-20 October 2017
Kaarle Nordenstreng: A different window to common concerns: journalism education in BRICS
Svetlana Pasti: Journalism education in the assessment of Russian journalists, 2012-2015: Criticism, nostalgia and lack of consensus

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