Centre for Applied Statistics and Data Analytics

CAST was created to build a recognized center of expertise on the area of applied statistics and data analytics that would enable University of Tampere to be a strong partner in local and global scene. This would include the inclusive research, professional consulting services and excellence in education.

Quantitative methodology is a growing and evolving research area as are the fields of applied statistics and data analytics. From academic to public and private sectors, people are constantly looking for better means for collecting, modelling, analyzing and making predictions based on the available data.

With the increase of (big and unstructured) data collected every day in many disciplines, appropriate quantitative methodology tools are needed for both evaluating the research hypotheses timely, and for reducing the risks in the decision-making procedure.

The members of the Centre for Applied Statistics and Data Analytics (CAST) at the University of Tampere have a wide range of expertise, from methodological statistics to biostatistics, econometrics, big data analytics, machine learning, data mining, data visualization, and computational statistics. In addition, during the years, they have aggregated a wide network of national and international scientists enabling achieving excellence in research.

courses and events

Popular seminar

Professor Moncef Gabbouj: “Machine learning based AI solutions for pertinent applications”. Date: December 13, 2018. Time: 14–16. Venue: Paavo Koli, Pinni A. Abstract: In this talk, we present a hierarchical layered approach that …

Popular seminar

Professor (emeritus) Hannu Oja: “Information and latent structures in multivariate data sets: Principal component analysis versus independent component analysis”. Date: November 22, 2018. Time: 14–16. Venue: Virta ls. 109.

Popular seminar organized by CAST

Emeritus Professor Elja Arjas: “Bayesian Inference: What and Why?” Date: 8.11.2018. Time: 14–16. Venue: Pinni B3107. For more info Tapio Nummi ( / CAST