A collaborative annotated catalogue of  Soviet illustrated children’s books (Princeton University)

Pedagogy of Images: Depicting communism for children


Adventures in the Soviet Imaginary: Children’s Books and Graphic Art (University of Chicago)

Exhibit Publications & Documents



This photographer turns his childhood memories into photos

15-летняя советская девочка честно нарисовала, каким было ее детство в СССР (a 15-year old Soviet girl honestly portrayed her childhood in the USSR)

Ordinary lives in extraordinary times: Artist shows USSR before its fall 


Images of socialist life and material objects

Что копили и собирали дети в СССР (a set of images depicting what children used to collect in USSR)

Что копили дети CCCP (another set of images about children’s collections in USSR)

Soviet postcards celebrating the first day of school, September 1st 

Soviet postcards celebrating children and youth organizations

(Soviet) things you can no longer find in Riga, Latvia

Best images of 1980s Hungary