Terho Lehtimäki MD, PhD is currently a professor of Clinical Chemistry and Chief Physician of the Department of Clinical Chemistry, Tampere University, Faculty of Medicine and Health Technology and Fimlab Laboratories (Ltd), Pirkanmaa Hospital District, Finland which is the second largest clinical laboratory in Finland. His research interests are focused on cardiovascular disease risk factors, atherosclerosis biomarkers, vascular and cell biology and functional genetics of diseases. Terho Lehtimäki has over 800 publications from the field including articles in all world top journals, e.g., Science, Lancet, Nature, Nature Genetics, JAMA and Circulation. Tampere is a partner in several collaborative efforts within the European Union and in the US and Canada. In addition Terho Lehtimäki is the responsible investigator of the genetic section of The Cardiovascular Risk In Young Finns study (YFS) and The Finnish Cardiovascular Study (FINCAVAS) and the leader of The Tampere Vascular Study (TVS) focusing on the use of “OMICS” techniques in the research of atherosclerosis and functional genetics.

Terho Lehtimäki has skills in traditional and problem based teaching methods as part of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Technology of Tampere University which has been nominated three times as a Centre of Excellence in high level teaching by the Finnish Higher Education Evaluation Council. Professor Lehtimäki graduated as MD and PhD in 1992 from the  of Tampere University. He was nominated as senior lecturer (docent) in Medical Biochemistry, at the Tampere University in 1996, Specialist in Clinical Chemistry in 1999 and a senior lecturer (docent) in Clinical Chemistry, University of Kuopio in 2003. He has supervised over 50 thesis, master’s thesis and medical advanced studies. Terho Lehtimäki has been involved in a national team of specialists since 2003 making national guidelines (Käypä hoito -suositus) for the prevention of dyslipidemias and cardiovascular diseases. Also, Terho Lehtimäki is a member of the board of the Finnish Medical Association of Clinical Chemistry and member of the editorial board in two international journals. Terho Lehtimäki’s research group is well recognized and represented in over 35 international consortia.

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