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Symposium on Digital Radio: Strategies and Visions.

See “The Future of Radio Revisited: Expert Perspectives and Future Scenarios for Radio Media in 2025” and five other topical articles on digital radio.


Digital Radio in Europe:

Technologies, Industries and Cultures was published in February 2010.

Drawing upon extensive cross-national research conducted by the Digital Radio Cultures in Europe research group,this volume offers the first comprehensive review of the complex environment in which European digital radio now operates. The title describes the technologies, policies and different strategies utilized to bring radio into the digital era. Read more


“Digital Radio in Europe provides a good way in to understanding this prime example of putting the digital cart before the listener interest horse and is recommended reading.”

Richard Collins, The Open University, UK
European Journal of Communication March 2011 vol. 26 no. 1, 80-82.

“[T]he book serves as a good introduction for those involved in policy-making and industry strategies as it helps them to understand the dynamics of the digital radio environment in order to establish a real digital culture for radio broadcasting.”

Tom Evens, Ghent University, Belgium
International Journal of Digital Television June 2011 vol. 2 no. 2, 253-255.

“This is a valuable book. It represents the best available text to inform the important debates about digitalization of radio in Europe. The authors have conducted extensive research which forms the foundation of the text, and expanded upon that to provide an excellent working volume for the stakeholders involved.”

Henry Loeser, Masaryk University, Czech Republic
Journal of Radio & Audio Media  April 2012  vol. 19 Issue 1, 130-132.