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An online newspaper article on the book (in Finnish); “Populaarikulttuuri vyöryi sanomalehtien sivuille”



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The members of the DYNAMICS project attend actively to a weekly seminar TCuPS (Tampere Research Group for Cultural and Political Sociology) held at the University of Tampere. The schedule for the seminar series can be found here.

DYNAMICS members’ presentations in the seminar during the Spring 2018 and Fall 2017:

13.3.18  Taru: “The Japanese’ country images of Finland”

7.11.17 Semi & Taru: “DYNAMICS project and designing the new questionnaire”

3.10.17 Semi, Tina & Riie: “Between legitimization and popularization: The rise of the U.S. cultural products in the culture sections of European quality newspapers, 1960-2010”

26.9.17 Taru: “Symbolic boundaries and culinary dislikes: exploring food tastes in Finland”

12. 9.17 Riie: Understanding cultural disengagement in contemporary Finland (with Marjaana: Project proposal)