Dynamics group

DYNAMICS team members are: Semi Purhonen (PI), Taru Lindblom (post-doc), Riie Heikkilä (post-doc), Jarmo Kallunki (PhD candidate), Tina Lauronen (PhD candidate).


Semi Purhonen, the principal investigator of DYNAMICS, is a professor of sociology at the University of Tampere, Finland. He is a sociologist of culture, yet equally interested in themes of stratification, inequality, social change, generations and comparative research. Semi is also a member of the editorial board of Poetics, the premier journal of cultural sociology. More information on Semi (including publications and his past projects) can be found on his personal webpage.



Taru Lindblom works as a postdoctoral researcher in DYNAMICS. Her major contribution for the project regards the second empirical part on cultural consumption, lifestyles and tastes. Taru is an economic sociologist with a wide interest in all themes on consumption, especially those related to food, lifestyles and cross-cultural comparisons. More information (including publications and past projects)  can be found on Taru’s personal webpage here.



Tina Lauronen worked as a researcher in DYNAMICS doing her doctoral dissertation (she is a PhD candidate at the University of Helsinki) in the beginning of the project (autumn 2017 and spring 2018). Her PhD project focuses on cultural globalization using data from European quality newspaper culture sections from 1960 to 2010.




Riie Heikkilä works as a postdoctoral researcher. She contributes to DYNAMICS (especially regarding the first empirical part on newspaper coverage) while also working on her personal postdoctoral project  “Understanding cultural disengagement in contemporary Finland” (funded by Finnish Cultural Foundation and Academy of Finland, 2017-2020). Riie’s research interests include cultural capital, cultural consumption, and social stratification, especially the non-consumers of culture, and comparative sociology in general. More information (including publications and past projects)  can be found on Riie’s personal webpage here.