Deregulation, privatisation, and marketisation analysed in an open access article, by Jaakko Kauko

Jaakko Kauko is involved in a new comparative article focusing on the degree of deregulation, privatisation, and marketisation in the Nordic countries. The article further analyses how these trends reflected in social changes related to schooling. The article is open access.

The authors are members of Nordic Centre of Excellence “Justice through Education in the Nordic Countries”: Marianne Dovemark, Sonja Kosunen, Jaakko Kauko, Berglind Magnúsdóttir, Petteri Hansen, and Palle Rasmussen. The article is reviewing research done in the centre.

The article abstract describes the main results: “The analysis shows that the themes related to deregulation seem to show fairly similar patterns and structures in all contexts. The emerging differences were discovered mainly in the themes of marketisation and privatisation. Institutional segregation emerges in all Nordic countries to different extents along the lines of these three processes, and we observe a simultaneous social segregation and differentiation with an ambiguous connection to them. Based on these findings, the question of what is left of the “Nordic model” could be raised.”

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