EDUKNOW members at the conference on Post/social/isms

Two members of the EDUKNOW group, Galina Gurova and Nelli Piattoeva, participated in the conference Post/social/isms organized by the ephemera journal in Budapest, Hungary on May 24-25, 2018.

The ephemera journal is an independent open access publication forum in the field of critical organization studies. It aims to counters the current hegemonization of social theory by encouraging the development of alternative theoretical insights on organizational issues, organizational processes and organizational life. 

Participants of the Post/social/isms conference were asked to consider what has happened with (post)socialist organizations in the countries of the former Eastern bloc, and to explore the links between postsocialism, the post-social, and theory and politics in organization. Galina and Nelli presented their recently published chapter ‘A postsocialist perspective on audit culture: Changing practices and subjectivities of school teachers in a Russian region’ which discusses the reactions of Russian schools to the new quality assurance system. The presentation focused on the question – How concepts and theories first developed in the context of socialist societies can be of use to understand the recontextualizations and effects of audit cultures after socialism? All conference participants enjoyed highly stimulating intellectual discussions on the post-socialist spaces and the friendly and informal atmosphere at the conference.

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