Is measuring policy influence like measuring thin air?

Is measuring policy influence like measuring thin air? This is the question co-authors Arnaldo Pellini (ODI, EduKnow), Tanty Nurhayati Djafar, and Ni Wayan Suriastini ask in the recent working paper published by the Knowledge Sector Initiative: Is Measuring Policy Influence Like Measuring Thin Air? The Experience of SurveyMETER in Producing Three Episode Studies of Research-based Policy Influence.

The working paper reflects on the experience of SurveyMETER, a policy research institute based in the Yogyakarta, in testing the use of episode studies to describe a policy influence and policy engagement process that SurveyMETER had been leading.

The Knowledge Sector Initiative is “a joint program between the governments of Indonesia and Australia that seeks to improve the lives of the Indonesian people through better quality public policies that make better use of research, analysis and evidence”.

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