Jaakko Kauko at the Great Policy Successes workshop

Jaakko Kauko participated a workshop for chapter authors of the book “Great Policy Successes: How Governments Get It Right in a Big Way  at Least Some of the Time” at the University of Utrect on 15-17 April 2018. Jaakko will be contributing with a chapter on Finnish Comprehensive School.

The workshop was coordinated by ERC Advanced Grant funded project Successful Public Governance, led by Professor Paul ‘t Hart (Utrecht University).  The book will be open access and set out to publish early in 2019.

The book is described by the project team as follows: “The Great Policy Successes volume aims to reset the agenda for teaching, research and dialogue on public policy performance which is currently dominated by the language related to shortcomings and failures. This is done through a series of in-depth case study on stand-out public policy accomplishments. The Great Policy Successes Seminar provided a platform for volume authors and public policy scholars to discuss conceptual, methodological, and theoretical related issues regarding to those cases.”

**Picture by Wu Jieqiong (Arrow)**

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