Jaakko Kauko’s book “Dynamics in Education Politics” published

Jaakko Kauko, together with Hannu Simola, Janne Varjo, Mira Kalalahti, and Fritjof Sahlstrom, has co-authored a book focusing on the theorising of comparative education.

Dynamics in Education Politics. Understanding and explaining the Finnish case (Routledge 2017) introduces a new theoretical framework characterised as Comparative Analytics of Dynamics in Education Politics (CADEP). The framework is applied and validated in analysing the “Finnish Educational Miracle” that has been attracting attention in the educational world ever since it rocketed to fame following the PISA studies during the 2000s.

With relational dynamics between policy threads, actors and institutions as its key concepts, the book opens up opportunities for mutual understanding and learning in education politics rather than just celebrating exceptional circumstances.

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