Nelli Piattoeva
+358 40 1901471
Associate Professor, New Social Research programme, Tampere University
“My current research agenda looks at the transnationalisation and datafication of education policymaking, as well as the coloniality of knowledge production in comparative education research.” Read more…
Jaakko Kauko
+358 50 3187788
Professor (Education Policy), Faculty of Education and Culture, Tampere University
“In studying education policy and comparative education, I explore the use of knowledge in policymaking, quality assurance and evaluation as a governance tool, and the dynamics between political actors. I am inspired with the theoretical questions of complexity and contingency.” Read more…


Anna Medvedeva
University of Helsinki, doctoral researcher; University of Tampere, project researcher
“In my PhD project, I study the internationalization of higher education. At the University of Tampere, I study assessment practices in secondary education in Russia.”
Annariikka Paatola
Master student, Faculty of Education, University of Tampere
“I am a Master’s degree student at the Faculty of Education, and I’m interested in comparative research especially from the perspective of compulsory education. In my Master’s thesis, I study the Finnish comprehensive school and its reform discourse.”
Arnaldo Pellini
Overseas Development Institute
“I live in Finland and work as a senior research fellow at the Overseas Development Institute which is based in London. My research interest are knowledge systems and policy making and new and better approaches to the design and implementation of development projects and programmes in low and middle income countries. I like to write for different audiences through articles, papers, and blogs.”
Galina Gurova
University of Tampere
“I am based in Moscow and enjoy work in the international environment. I study how education policy works at the local level, and what effects it has for teachers, students and administrators.” Read more…
Íris Santos
doctoral researcher, Faculty of Education, University of Tampere
“Multiculturalism, educational policy, international dynamics and the network of relations between international and national actors  are some of my main research interests. My current research focus is on the use of PISA successful countries as reference societies in the Portuguese education policy discourses.”
Jarmo Kallunki
doctoral researcher, University of Tampere
“I am a PhD candidate interested in the politics, sociology, and economics of education. My current main research interests are funding of higher education, and knowledge networks and expertise in education policy-making. Previously I have been working with Universities Finland and the National Union of University Students in Finland (SYL).”
Maiju Paananen
post-doctoral researcher, Faculty of Education, University of Tampere
“I work as a post-doctoral researcher in the field of early childhood education. Especially, I am interested in the ways in which international trends become entangled with national and local historical developments and what kinds of practices are produced as a result.”
Oshie Nishimura-Sahi
doctoral researcher, University of Tampere
“The main aim of my doctoral thesis is to scrutinize the ways in which global benchmarks have been referred to for education reforms in Japan, and consequently, interpreted into the local context. My current research interests lay in the areas of comparative education and intercultural and multicultural education.”
Saija Volmari
Sari Eriksson
doctoral researcher, University of Helsinki
“I am writing my doctoral thesis on international educational reforms in Post-Soviet countries for the Faculty of Educational Sciences. My research will examine how global education reforms are landing in Central Asia and especially look at the case of Kyrgyzstan from the field.”
Vera G. Centeno
post-doctoral researcher, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Tampere
“I work as a post-doctoral researcher, and since my graduate studies in Lisbon, I have been concerned, in one way or another, with the global-local nexus in education.” Read more…