Jaakko Kauko is Associate Professor in the Faculty of Education, University of Tampere.

The core idea in Jaakko Kauko’s research is to analyse dynamics in politics, the ways in which political action is always tied to longer-term socio-historical developments, constrained or enabled through institutional rearrangements, and actors are both entangled in and empowered by the dynamics that develop in these conditions. Theoretically, he is interested in the questions of power, contingency, and complexity.

Currently Jaakko is finalising a large-scale research project, Transnational Dynamics in Quality Assurance and Evaluation Politics of Basic Education in Brazil, China and Russia (2014–2017), in which the research consortium aimed to understand how local learning environments are shaped by transnational policies and practices. The multifaceted constitutive effects of quality assurance and evaluation were also analysed. The project has been a consortium between the Education Departments at the Universities of Tampere (Prof. Tuomas Takala) and Turku (Prof. Risto Rinne).

At the Faculty of Education, University of Tampere, Jaakko Kauko teaches courses on politics and governance of education for graduate and postgraduate students. His other academic tasks include leading the Team 1 at the Nordic Centre of Excellence Justice through Education (JustEd) and supervising doctoral dissertations and master’s theses.