Problematising coloniality at the Comparative and International Education Society conference (CIES) in Atlanta

Nelli Piattoeva, together with Iveta Silova and Zsuzsa Millei, spoke at the Presidential Highlighted Session of the Comparative and International Education Society conference (CIES) in Atlanta, USA, March 8th, 2017. The conference theme was “Contesting coloniality: Re-thinking knowledge production and circulation in the field of Comparative and International Education”.

Piattoeva, Silova, and Millei’s talk was titled “Interrupting the Coloniality of Knowledge Production in Comparative Education: Post-Socialist and Post-Colonial Dialogues after the Cold War”. It was based on the joint research that problematises unequal power relations and modern epistemologies in the production of knowledge on socialist and post-socialist countries.

For more information, see: Silova, Iveta; Millei, Zsuzsa & Piattoeva, Nelli (2017) Interrupting the coloniality of knowledge production in comparative education: Post-socialist and post-colonial dialogues after the Cold War. Comparative Education Review 61 (S1), 74-102.

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