Vera G. Centeno new work at the Faculty of Social Sciences – UTA

Vera G. Centeno has recently started working in an encompassing project about Epistemic Governance in Policymaking, which is conducted by the TCuPS – Tampere Research Group for Cultural and Political Sociology, which is based at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Tampere. As a new member of the TCuPS, she will combine her previous researches in comparative and international education with the TCuPS’s ongoing research, in order to look carefully at how references to other countries’ decisions, or developments in other national contexts, as well as to references to the international community, studies and ‘consensuses’, are used in Portuguese education policy. She will analyse qualitatively and quantitatively the Portuguese parliamentary debates (1990-2010), as to understand these dynamics in the education political sector, as well as to contrast the peculiarities of education policy with other sectors of public policy, such as social, health and environmental policies.

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