EDUneighbours researchers visiting Tampere

As part of the EDUneighbours project our researchers from Russia regularly visit the University of Tampere, the home university of the project.  Gleb visited Tampere for three weeks in August and focused on his research on universities as paradiplomatic actors. Svetlana was here for two months in the spring and had a good start for her project, too. Svetlana will come back in the autumn, and Dmitri will have his research visit in Tampere in 2018.

In addition to these research visits, the whole team will be present for the workshop in December, and some of us for the Cross-Border International Relations seasonal school. All these meetings and visits will give us a chance for face-to-face interaction, which will definitely be beneficial for the project activities 🙂  Thank you, Gleb, for your research visit, and looking forward to Svetlana’s and Dmitri’s visits!

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