Planning the Alumni Meeting

The EDUneighbours team had a meeting in Tampere earlier this week. It was organised during the same week as the Autumn School of the Cross Border International Relations Double Degree Programme. If the Autumn School was a success , we can say the same about the meeting. We were able to finalise our plans for the Alumni Meeting of CBU in International Relations/Cross Border International Relations that will take place in St. Petersburg on Saturday 24 March 2018. The Alumni Meeting will be an excellent opportunity to meet old friends and make new ones.

As part of the Alumni Meeting we also invite the graduates of our three universities – Petrozavodsk, St. Petersburg and Tampere – who have taken part in the activities of the double degree programme to take part in our research. This is a way not only to gather research data but to think about different ways of developing our double degree programme in International Relations.


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