Johanna Kantola

Johanna Kantola

Project Director

Professor of Gender Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Tampere Project Director (PI) of EUGenDem

Petra Ahrens

Petra Ahrens

Senior Researcher
Valentine Berthet

Valentine Berthet

Dissertation Researcher
Anna Elomäki

Anna Elomäki

Senior Researcher

Senior Researcher, Faculty of Social Science, University of Tampere (starting 1 August 2018)

Cherry Miller

Cherry Miller

Postdoctoral Researcher

Johanna Kantola is Professor of Gender Studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Tampere. She obtained her PhD in Politics at the University of Bristol in 2004 and became Docent in Politics at the University of Helsinki in 2007.

Her research centres on gender, power and politics: political parties and institutions, gender equality policies in Finland and in the EU, and theoretical questions about the state, representation and intersectionality. She is the director of the Academy of Finland (2016-2020) and University of Helsinki Research Funds (2015-2017) funded research project Gender and Power in Reconfigured Corporatist Finland (GePoCo).

Her books include Gender and Political Analysis (with Emanuela Lombardo, Palgrave, 2017), Gender and the European Union (Palgrave, 2010), Feminists Theorize the State (Palgrave, 2006). She has co-edited The Oxford Handbook on Gender and Politics (Oxford University Press, 2013, with Georgina Waylen, Karen Celis and Laurel Weldon), Gender and the Economic Crisis in Europe: Politics, Institutions and Intersectionality  (Palgrave 2017, with Emanuela Lombardo), Tasa-arvo toisin nähtynä: Oikeuden ja politiikan näkökulmia tasa-arvoon ja yhdenvertaisuuteen (Gaudeamus, 2012, with Kevät Nousiainen and Milja Saari) and Changing State Feminism (Palgrave, 2007, with Joyce Outshoorn).

She is the Editor of Palgrave Macmillan’s Gender and Politics Book Series with Professor Sarah Childs.

Contact: Johanna Kantola, Gender Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences, 33014 University of Tampere, Finland

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Petra Ahrens starts as Senior Researcher in the project in January 2019. She received her PhD in Sociology at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin in 2014. Her research focuses on gender policies and politics in the European Union and its institutions, transnational civil society organisations, participatory democracy, social politics, political strategies like gender mainstreaming, and gender equality in Germany.

Since January 2017, Ahrens holds a Marie-Sklodowska-Curie-Fellowship titled „Effects of Institutional Change on Participatory Democracy and the Involvement of Civil Society Organisations” (DemocInChange) at the Department of Political Sciences, University of Antwerp. From 2014 to 2016, she was assistant professor at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin at the Department of Social Sciences. She has also worked as free-lance policy consultant for public administration on gender equality and gender mainstreaming since 2006.

Her books include Actors, Institutions, and the Making of EU Gender Equality Programs (Palgrave Macmillan, 2018), Gender Equality in Politics – Implementing Party Quotas in Germany and Austria (Springer International, forthcoming 2019, co-authors Katja Chmilewski, Sabine Lang, and Birgit Sauer), and the co-edited volume Gendering the European Parliament: Structures, Policies, and Practices (Rowman&Littlefield, forthcoming 2019, with Lise Rolandsen Agustin). Other publications include ‘The Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality in the EP – Taking Advantage of Institutional Power Play’ (Parliamentary Affairs, 2016), the Special Issue ‘20 Years Treaty of Amsterdam – European Equality Policies Revisited’ (Femina Politica, 2016, with Alexandra Scheele and Anna van der Vleuten), and ‘Birth, life and death of policy instruments: 35 years of EU gender equality policy programs’ (West European Politics, forthcoming).

Ahrens is co-editor of the new European Journal of Politics and Gender ( and the German feminist journal Femina Politica (

Contact: Petra Ahrens, Department Politieke Wetenschappen, Universiteit Antwerpen, 2000 Antwerpen, Belgium

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Valentine Berthet is a PhD student in Gender Studies at the University of Tampere in September 2018 as part of the project. She graduated in International law (LL.M) at the University of Kent in 2017. Her research focused on international migration law and gender. She then joined the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights in Vienna and worked closely with the Equality & Citizens’ Rights research department. She was in charge of delivering a gender expertise to reports and publications. In 2018, Valentine worked as a research assistant at the Institute for European Studies, in Brussels, where she was mainly involved in the Horizon-2020 Mindb4Act Project on countering radicalisation and violent extremism.



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Anna Elomäki is a Senior Researcher in the project. She obtained her PhD in Gender Studies at the University of Helsinki in 2012. Elomäki’s research focuses on the intersections of gender, politics and the economy: gendered character and impacts of economic policies and governance, economization of gender equality policies in Finland and in the EU, the changing conditions of feminist movements, and theoretical questions about gender, neoliberalism and economization. Elomäki leads the science communication project Gender Equality Deficit (2016-2017) funded by Kone Foundation, and at the moment she leads Gender Equality in the Budget research project (2017-2018, with Hanna Ylöstalo) funded by the Finnish government.

Elomäki’s publications include ”Economic case for gender equality in the European Union: Selling gender equality for decision-makers and neoliberalism for women’s movements” (European Journal of Women’s Studies, 2015), ”Gender quotas for corporate boards: Depoliticizing gender and the economy” (NORA – Nordic Journal of Feminist and Gender Research, 2017), and ”Feminist Struggles in the Triangle of Neoliberalism, Conservatism and Nationalism” (Social Politics, forthcoming, with Johanna Kantola).

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Cherry Miller is a Postdoctoral Researcher in the project. She obtained her ESRC 1+3 PhD in Political Science at the University of Birmingham in 2018, with a thesis entitled: Beneath the Spectacle Gendering the Everyday in the British House of Commons. Miller’s research focuses on feminist institutional analysis within Parliaments; methodological and analytical debates within ethnography; and discursive approaches to gender. She holds an MA in Social Research from the University of Birmingham, and MA in Politics and Parliamentary Studies from the University of Leeds, and a BA in Political Science from the University of Birmingham.



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Expert Board for the project:

Gabriele Abels, Professor of Comparative Politics and European Integration at the University of Tübingen, Germany.

Sarah Childs, Professor of Politics and Gender at Bircbeck, University of London, United Kingdom.

Simon Hix, Professor of Political Science at the London School of Economics and Political Science, United Kingdom.

Laura Huttunen, Professor of Social Anthropology at the University of Tampere, Finland.

Anu Koivunen, Professor of Film Studies at the Stockholm University, Sweden.

Emanuela Lombardo, Senior Lecturer in Political Science at the Madrid Complutense University, Spain.

Diana Mulinari, Professor of Gender studies at the Lund University, Sweden.

Tapio Raunio, Professor of Political Science at the University of Tampere, Finland.

Juho Saari, Professor of Social and Health Policy at the University of Tampere, Finland.

Mieke Verloo, Professor of Comparative Politics and Inequality Issues at the Radboud University, Netherlands.

Georgina Waylen, Professor of Politics at the University of Manchester, United Kingdom.