FICAM 10 years

FICAM celebrated its 10th birthday on December 2018.

FICAM, the Finnish Centre for Alternative Methods was founded, thanks to the financial support of Pirkanmaa ELY Centres and City of Tampere, on December 10, 2008 at the University of Tampere, School of Medicine. FICAM focuses on development of regulatory (OECD) relevant and routine human cellular test models and approaches to be used in basic and applied research, drug development and chemical safety risk assessment. FICAM promotes the area related to non-animal tests and approaches in many ways both nationally and internationally. We disseminate state of art technologies and information, educate experts and are active both in national and international task groups, projects and societies.

FICAM 10 year anniversary program[PDF].


Chair, Dean Tapio Visakorpi

11:00      Rector Mari Walls. Welcome and opening

MEP EU Sirpa Pietikäinen.  The key developments on EU and international levels

Dr.Tiina Palomäki, FIMEA. Approval of non-animal tests in different regulatory requirements

Dr. Steve Rees, AstraZeneca GB. Utilisation of in vitro methods and non-animal approaches in drug development

13:15-14:00       Networking with refreshments

14:00     Prof. Tuula Heinonen, FICAM. FICAM´s activities and 3R consortium

 Case 1:  Angiogenesis-vasculogenesis model

14:30     Dr. Tarja Toimela, FICAM.  Test principle and applications

14:45     Dr. Anita Virtanen, PSHP.  User´s  experience

Case 2:  Inner air toxicity testing

15:00     Marika Mannerström, FICAM.  Test principle and applications

15:15     Prof. Mirja Salkinoja-Salonen, University of Helsinki.  User´s experience

15:35     Kansanedustaja /MEP Finland, Harri Jaskari.  Finland´s economy strategy and FICAM

15:55     Dr. Tiina Pullola, MMM/Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. Promotion of 3Rs and FICAM

16:15     Closing