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Prof. Ilkka Pörsti

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Törmänen S, Lakkisto P, Eräranta A, Kööbi P, Tikkanen I, Niemelä O, Mustonen J, Pörsti I
Unfavorable Reduction in the Ratio of Endothelin B to A Receptors in Experimental 5/6 Nephrectomy and Adenine Models of Chronic Renal Insufficiency.
Int J Mol Sci ;2020


Choudhary MK, Eräranta A, Tikkakoski AJ, Koskela J, Hautaniemi EJ, Kähönen M, Mustonen J, Pörsti I
LDL cholesterol is associated with systemic vascular resistance and wave reflection in subjects naive to cardiovascular drugs.
Blood Press ;28(1)4-14, 2019

Choudhary MK, Eräranta A, Koskela J, Tikkakoski AJ, Nevalainen PI, Kähönen M, Mustonen J, Pörsti I
Atherogenic index of plasma is related to arterial stiffness but not to blood pressure in normotensive and never-treated hypertensive subjects.
Blood Press ;2019

Kangas P, Tikkakoski A, Uitto M, Viik J, Bouquin H, Niemelä O, Mustonen J, Pörsti I
Metabolic syndrome is associated with decreased heart rate variability in a sex-dependent manner: a comparison between 252 men and 249 women.
Clin Physiol Funct Imaging ;39(2)160-167, 2019