eTraining FinPal: 2018 in review

The implementation of the project progressed well during 2018. There are five planned project implementation phases:

  1. Assessment of the context and needs of the IUG teaching staff
  2. Designing a study programme on university pedagogy
  3. Training of trainers
  4. Dissemination of the programme and establishing a university pedagogy unit (the Academic Excellence Unit) at IUG
  5. Programme evaluation

In spring 2018, the first project phase was concluded: a collaborative research assessing the context and needs of the IUG teaching staff included quantitative and qualitative data collection. The Advisory board was established in March 2018 during its first online meeting. Based on training needs identified in the first project phase, the project team designed the training of trainers programme on university pedagogy (phase 2) and started the training in August 2018 (phase 3). The training is organised by using blended learning model, consisting of 5 intensive seminar days, webinars and numerous group activities in online learning platforms. The training of trainers will end in January 2019. Establishing of the Academic Excellence Unit at IUG (phase 4) is one of the most relevant outcomes of the project. The Unit was officially established in July 2018. The project results were disseminated through five dissemination events at IUG and four conference presentations.

All planned project activities for 2018 were successfully implemented and the project teams are looking forward to continue their excellent cooperation in 2019.

Video: 2018 in review