Coordinators of international partnership projects at IUG met in a workshop organised by External relations unit

The External relations unit at the Islamic University of Gaza organised a workshop on 6.2.2018 to follow up on the international bilateral partnership projects currently being implemented at IUG. The workshop gathered IUG local coordinators of the international bilateral partnership projects who shared their experiences and expertise in the implementation of such projects. The aim of the workshop was to support a successful implementation of international projects by ensuring the quality and efficiency of the planned project activities.

Several project coordinators participated in the workshop and presented their international cooperation. Dr. Nazmi Al Masri, director of the “eTraining FinPal” project, presented the most important achievements and activities implemented within the project. “eTraining FinPal” project aims to improve pedagogical competencies and academic teaching capacity of IUG staff members in partnership with University of Tampere in Finland.

Dr. Hala Al-Khazandar, director of the “Energy4Palestine” project, spoke about the objectives and activities of the project and noted that current project activities focus on preparation of an international conference on renewable energy. “Energy4Palestine” project is funded by the Austrian partnership project Appear and aims to promote the importance of renewable energy by developing training courses at IUG in cooperation with University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna, Austria.

Sanaa Abu Daqqa, coordinator of “SHE-GE” project, talked about the project activities that were accomplished and the outputs that were achieved – a scientific visit to the University of Graz in Austria, as well as the completion of the first training program entitled “Gender theories”. “SHE-GE” project, also funded by Appear, focuses on strengthening the capacities of Palestinian higher education institutions in the field of women’s studies and equality.

Asma Naim presented the “CBEEB” project, also Appear funded project. “CBEEB” project aims to develop the practical and professional skills of architects and engineers to design and build energy-efficient buildings and to promote development of a sustainable environment in Gaza Strip. “CBEEB” project is a continuation of the previous partnership cooperation with Vienna University of Technology, Austria.

Dr. Ahmed Moheisen, Director of External Relations unit and director of “CBEEB” project, emphasised the importance of transferring and sharing expertise on international project management for successful implementation of the project activities and achieving its desired objectives during the life of the project. Participation in international projects raises the skills and capacity of the university and its employees, Moheisen pointed out, stressing the need to overcome the obstacles and benefit from the experiences gained during these projects.