Head of Development Cooperation in Palestinian Territories visited Islamic University of Gaza

Ms Paula Malan, Head of Development Cooperation at Finland’s Representative Office in Ramallah (Palestinian Territories), visited Islamic University of Gaza and met with IUG FinPal project team on 14 May 2019. Prof Dr Nasser Farahat, President of Islamic University of Gaza, opened the meeting with welcoming words. Prof Ahmed Muhaisen, Director of External Affairs at IUG, briefly presented IUG, its study programmes and international cooperation activities.

Dr Nazmi Al-Masri, FinPal Project Local Director, gave an overview of the project’s implemented and planned activities, and presented its main achievements. He expressed his gratitude for the support extended to IUG by the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs and emphasised the impacts of the project in IUG thanks to an excellent cooperation between IUG and Tampere University teams.

Ms Malan complimented the project team on the results achieved so far and highlighted that in cooperation projects it is important to consider strategic objectives and needs of both, Palestinian and Finnish education sectors. The meeting also included a discussion about the future cooperation between Finnish and Palestinian universities and prospective continuation of the eTraining FinPal cooperation.  Challenging working conditions and limited international mobility of academics in Gaza were also discussed in the meeting.


Paula Malan from Finland’s Representative Office in Ramallah met with IUG FinPal team (14 May 2019)