Project-related research has been published online

The Finnish-Palestinian team of researchers has conducted a study on teaching approaches, academic culture and self-efficacy beliefs of Palestinian university teachers. The research article has been published in the International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education.

The findings of this mixed-method study show that teaching staff reported high self-efficacy beliefs, whereas the teacher-centred approach to teaching was slightly more dominant than the student-centred approach. The academic culture encompassed many features of contrived collegiality in which collaboration relies mainly on formal practices and is based less on informal, voluntary collaboration among teachers. The social and religious mission of university teaching was highlighted. Quantitative data were collected from 119 teaching staff through an online questionnaire. Qualitative data consisted of four focus group interviews with 18 teaching staff.

Alenius, P., Aldahdouh, T. Z., Holubek, V., Al-Masri, N., El-Holy, A., Lindén, J. & Korhonen, V. (2019). Examining Teaching Approaches, Academic Culture, and Self-Efficacy Beliefs of Instructors at a Palestinian University, International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, 31(3), 390-401.

The full article is available online through the journal’s website: