The second online meeting of the Advisory board was held on 29.10.2019

The members of the project’s Advisory board held their second online meeting on 29.10.2019. The Advisory board consists of external experts in the field of education and educational research. The expertise of the Advisory board members supports the project implementation, especially the assessment and research phases of the project.

Four regular members of the Advisory board that joined the meeting discussed the implementation of the project with four Project Board members. A good cooperation between the Palestinian and Finnish teams was seen as essential for the project’s main accomplishments, namely the establishment of the Academic Excellence Unit at IUG and organising two rounds of pedagogical training. The project progressed well despite different challenges that were encountered (such as for example travelling restrictions from Gaza to Finland). It was concluded that during the final stage of the project, the project team will gather further quantitative and qualitative data to document and assess the institutional and individual pedagogical competencies built during the project.