The second round of pedagogical training at IUG starts in August 2019

IUG’s Academic Excellence Unit has announced that the second round of FinPal pedagogical training at IUG will start in August 2019. The training is organised in cooperation with the Academic Affairs and the Quality and Development Deanship within which the Unit operates.

The second round of training programme at IUG entitled “Excellence in Higher Education Skills” is a continuation of the FinPal cooperation aimed at developing pedagogical competencies at IUG. The academics who completed the FinPal Training of Trainers (Aug 2018 – Jan 2019) will be the trainers in the second pedagogical training. Together with the FinPal project team, the trainers have been planning the training programme during April and May 2019. Through a series of planning workshops, the trainers designed the second training programme incorporating the pedagogical principles promoted in the Training of Trainers programme.

“Excellence in Higher Education Skills” training programme will be organised from 17 August until 25 September 2019. The programme will cover four main themes: (1) Student learning and engagement, (2) Designing learning processes and environments, (3) Special features of teaching in university, (4) Expertise in academic teaching in higher education. The estimated workload for the trainee is 60 hours. Upon successful completion of the programme, the trainee will receive a joint certificate from the FinPal cooperating institutions – Islamic University of Gaza and Tampere University. In addition, the academics who have successfully completed all training requirements will obtain five bonus points in the scientific research when applying for a promotion.

All teaching staff members at IUG are invited to apply for the programme through the Dean of their Faculty. Approximately one-fifth of the spots in the training is reserved for academics from other universities in Gaza. The application period is open until 29 May 2019.


Planning workshops of the second pedagogical training at IUG


Announcement of the training programme “Excellence in Higher Education Skills”