The Academic Excellence Unit at IUG is up and running

Establishing of the Academic Excellence Unit at IUG is one of the most relevant outcomes of the project. The Unit was officially established in an opening ceremony on 31 July 2018. During the ceremony Prof. Dr. Salem Hellis, Vice-President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Mohammed Al-Hanjouri, Dean of Quality and Development and IT affairs, and Dr. Nazmi Al-Masri, Project Director at IUG introduced and officially opened the Unit’s facilities. The multipurpose computer and studio classrooms provide the space and equipment needed for the Unit’s operation and will benefit the whole university community by enriching the learning environment at IUG.

To increase the Unit’s visibility, the IUG project team in cooperation with IUG IT department set up a webpage of the Unit (see the link below).The webpage will promote the Unit’s activities and provide the university community relevant information related to academic teaching and pedagogical development at IUG.

The Unit operates within the Quality and Development Deanship at IUG. The Unit’s mission is to enhance the teaching competence of the academic staff at IUG by providing professional pedagogical training and promoting the culture of continuing professional development among the academic staff. The Unit’s activities are currently focussed on the ongoing training of trainers organised as a part of eTraining FinPal project. The training participants work on their group and individual assignments in the Unit’s facilities that are used also during the online training sessions. In 2019, the Unit will organise a series of public events at IUG (lectures, workshops, discussions) related to enhancement of academic teaching in Palestinian universities. The Unit’s goal in the future is to organise a pedagogical training programme for academics at IUG and other higher education institutions in Palestine.

More information:

Webpage of the Academic Excellence Unit at IUG (in English)

Webpage of the Academic Excellence Unit at IUG (in Arabic)