Swedish Royal Academy awards prize of 1,5 million crowns to Professor Pirjo Markkola

Pirjo Markkola

The Royal Swedish Academy of Letters, History and Antiquities has awarded the Gad Rausing prize to Professor Pirjo Markkola. The prize of 1,5 million Swedish crowns is awarded for outstanding research in humanities.

The prize is awarded to Professor Markkola for diverse and creative research on the history of the Nordic welfare model. Through her broad approach, Markkola has shown that ideas connected with the Lutheran heritage are important components in explaining the social system in the Nordic countries today. The Academy brings up that Markkola has shown the significance of historical research for the present day and how historical experiences are closely connected with ethical questions. During her whole career, Markkola has combined insights from different fields and crossed borders in a way that is necessary for reaching truly outstanding and persistently significant results.

– Nordic co-operation has always constituted an essential part of my research and career, therefore I am extra happy and grateful for this distinguished Nordic prize. The prize is an acknowledgment that as historians me and my Nordic colleagues have chosen the right direction, says Pirjo Markkola.

The Gad Rausing prize is the biggest prize awarded by the Royal Swedish Academy of Letters, History and Antiquities.

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