Narrative and Experience – concept workshop

A workshop at the University of Tampere with invited speakers Anne Holm & Niklas Salmose
University of Tampere, Mon 18 Sep 2017

Narrare, Centre for Interdisciplinary Narrative Studies, and the national network for the study of experience will arrange a joint concept workshop at the University of Tampere on Monday, 18th September, 2017. The event is a continuation of the workshop held in April at Tampere, and this time we are going international with two guest speakers from Linnaeus University, Växjö, Sweden. The day will consist of their talks followed by the concept workshop in which we will discuss, once more, how narrative relates to experience and experientiality. The objective, as set out in the spring, is to keep working on the definitions for Narrare’s e-directory of concepts.

Anne Holm and Niklas Salmose, both senior lecturers based in English literature at the Department of Languages, will present on blends of narrative and experience. Holm is a cognitive stylistician specializing in metaphor as a means of conveying embodied experience. She is particularly interested in narrative representations of nomadity and dislocation in contemporary literature. Salmose will investigate nostalgic fictive experiences in film and literature from a stylistic perspective rather than through representation. First he will talk about what constitutes a nostalgic experience and then he will analyze how that experience can be simulated through narrative fiction.

Join the workshop to come together with other experts working on narrative and experience. Similar to April, if you would like comments on your own research, you may send in your idea paper (1–2 pages) in advance and receive helpful tips from your colleagues on the day. Then again, if you only wish to attend as a member of the audience, that is an option too. The event will also be streamed online. Details on all practical matters will be resolved closer to the date of the workshop.

The day will be hosted by Jarkko Toikkanen and Maria Mäkelä. Email jarkko.toikkanen[at] on your chosen method of attendance – idea paper or audience member, in class or online – by 1 Sep.

UPDATE 11.9.2017:

Open lectures (Main Building, A1):
Opening words, 10:15-10:30

Anne Holm: “Nomadity as embodied absence: narrating the experience of dislocation”, 10:30-11:30
Niklas Salmose: “A Method of Analyzing Emotional Experiences in Fiction” 11:30-12:30


National network for the study of experience (in Finnish):

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