Ethiopia orientation day

LMEU project organised a one-day workshop on Ethiopia higher education development in the University of Tampere in August 31, 2017. The purpose of the workshop was to inform and increase the awareness of the members of the LMEU project and the university staff about the social, economic, political situation of Ethiopia in general and the higher education system and the working culture in particular. In the workshop was attended by 15 participants. The highlight of the event was the presentation delivered by Dr. Abebaw Yirga Adamu, Director, Ethiopian Institute of Higher Education, Addis Ababa University on the aforementioned topic.

• Higher Education Group (HEG) staff, UTA
• Administrative staff from the Faculty of Management, UTA
• Invited guests from other HEI-ICI projects in Finland, and Opetushallitus
• Prof. Seppo delivered an opening speech and briefly presented the overall objectives of the LMEU project.
• Dr. Abebaw presented an interesting overview of Ethiopia. In his comprehensive country profile, he covered important topics such as a brief historical, economic, political and cultural backgrounds and codes of working relations, in the interest of providing information that is useful to Finnish partners in understanding and organising practical matters when working with project partners from Ethiopia.
• Dr. Yohannes Mehari gave a short presentation on the topic of governance and leadership in the Ethiopian higher education system.
• The last presentation delivered by Rediet Abebe, doctoral student at UTA, covered the issues of quality and quality assurance in the Ethiopian higher education system.
Following the presentations, a lively discussion took place on various issues and practical matters raised by participants pertaining to working with partners from Ethiopia.

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