LMEU-Student Mobility programme is under way

The Six Ethiopian LMEU PhD students have arrived in UTA on the first week of January 2018 as part of the LMEU project mobility program, organized for the period from 1 January to 31 May 2018. The Faculty of Management and Higher Education Group have arranged the necessary administrative and academic formalities that facilitated the arrival of the students and enable smooth studying conditions.

During their stay, the PhD students will take doctoral courses and participate in doctoral seminars organized by the Higher Education Group (HEG), professional training module development and other activities related to their doctoral studies. In addition to this, the students will have the opportunity to develop and improve their research.

The students took part in an orientation workshop organized by the Faculty of Management for new doctoral students. The workshop was useful in familiarizing the students with the practicalities of doctoral studies at UTA. The students benefited from the exchange of experience with fellow senior doctoral students on successfully completing a doctoral research.

The HEG organized an event on 23 January where the students were formally introduced to the HEG staff and met their respective supervisors. The supervisors have encouraged the students to arrange one-on-one meetings whenever they would like to discuss issues related to their research.

The visiting students already started attending classes on ‘Higher Education Systems in Transition’, covering themes such as globalization, internationalization, research and innovation, with a regional focus on Africa, Latin and Northern America. In the coming months of the spring semester, the students will take courses on ‘Concepts and Theories of Higher Education Research and Innovation Studies’, ‘Theories of Organisation and Change in Higher Education Institutions and Research Institutions’, ‘Research Methods’, and other courses offered by the Doctoral School such as ‘Research Ethics’. All students have been granted full access to library and other facilitates.

Despite arriving from an equatorial climate of East Africa, the Ethiopian students are adapting well with the Finnish winter weather.

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