Project activities and Key Results to be Achieved:

1.Strengthening the academic knowledge base of Higher Education Management and Leadership (HEML) by opening joint PhD programme in higher education leadership and management,

2.Disseminating the expertise in HE Leadership and Management to the higher education institutions and departments by strengthening professional training in higher education leadership and
management and

3.Supporting the development of African Network of Centres for Higher Education Research and Development (ANCHERD) in Ethiopia, South-Africa and Uganda to strengthen the research and development capacity in field of the leadership and management of higher education

Moreover, as the LMEU Project is a continuation of LMUU & LMUU II Projects, it will continue working with Ugandan and South African partner universities in the selected result areas. In essence, it will support and benefit from the PhD programmes opened in Ugandan Management Institute (UMI), Makerere University (MUK), and University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) through various mobility programmes and participation in seminars and courses organised in Ethiopia. The LMEU Project will also effectively utilize the expertise of Ugandan and South African Partners in the new PhD programme of Ethiopian universities and the development of African Network of Centres or Higher Education Research (South-South collaboration). In addition to this, curriculum, quality assurance methods, expertise developed during the previous five years, and the available experience of LMUU partners will be used in the development of professional training for higher education leaders and managers in Ethiopia.