The Third LMEU Event at Mekelle University, Ethiopia

The third LMEU project meeting was held in Mekelle, 22-24 Sep 2018. In this three days-long meeting, the project members focused on discussing a range of issues pertinent to the major results areas of the project, such as the joint PhD programme, the professional training module development, and supporting the establishment of the African Network of Higher Education Researchers. Twenty participants from all partner universities attended the event.
On the first day, all partner universities briefly presented the progress reports and followed by thorough discussions on the major issues that need continuous follow up and improvements. As a result, Ethiopian partners agreed to facilitate the approval of the PhD curriculum and register the PhD students as soon as possible. Similarly, the participants expressed their commitments to finalize the development of professional training Modules before the end of this year and to start the training as early as 2019. Finally yet importantly, the partners formed a taskforce that facilitates the development of preliminary research agendas and publication strategies.
The fifth doctoral seminar was held on the second day of the event. All LMEU PhD students presented the theoretical part of their research and received feedbacks and constructive criticisms from all supervisors.
On the third day, The LMEU Project conducted its second face-to-face Board meeting. The Board members had extensive discussion on the annual report of 2017 that was submitted to EDUFI. The board members fully approved the financial and project activities report and made decisions to solve the problems observed the PhD curriculum approval processes, the professional training module developments and the establishment of the Research Network. The board also accepted the change of coordinators in Mekelle University and Bahir Dar University. Finally, the board called up on all partners to strengthen their commitments to the successful achievement of the major result areas and goals of the project.

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