Welcome to Narrare: Centre for Intedisciplinary Narrative Studies at the University of Tampere, Finland

About Us

Narrare: Centre for Interdisciplinary Narrative Studies (2014– ) at the University of Tampere advances the internationally renowned and interdisciplinary work that our team in literary studies and social sciences has been doing for almost two decades. Narrare brings together researchers in literary studies, social sciences, game studies, media and journalism, history, philosophy, education, psychology, health sciences, political science and administrative studies. The centre’s essential aim is to develop consistent narrative-theoretical methodology for all disciplines working with narrative.

Our central research areas are (1) interdisciplinary narrative theory and analysis; (2) convention and invention in narratives; (3) narrative agency and positioning; and (4) narrative, well-being, and dangers of storytelling. Narrare works in collaboration with other leading centres for narrative studies in Europe and the United States, promoting joint research projects, publications and researcher exchange, organizing conferences and symposia and providing interdisciplinary doctoral training. We also collaborate with communities and professional groups outside academia, applying narrative-theoretical understanding to practical settings.