The Literary in Life (LILI18): The Social, Affective and Experimental in Narratives across Media (June 13-15, 2018, University of Tampere)

The Literary in Life (LILI18): The Social, Affective and Experimental in Narratives across Media

venue and date: University of Tampere, Finland, 13–15 June 2018


LILI18 targets the social, affective and experimental in literature, and explores literary forms of mediation in everyday life. How are literary conventions and devices, both narrative and poetic, employed in social and cultural meaning-making? We investigate the use of stories and metaphors, affective tone and emotion-expressions, as well as literary experimenting, in literature and social life. This approach will allow literary scholarship to regain its focus on literary works and literariness, and open up the boundaries that in many research traditions have isolated artworks from the world of everyday life and routine textual practices. These boundaries are medial in nature, which means that the traffic between art and the everyday is mediated in the form of social, affective and experimental uses of narrative and poetic modes. We are consistently exposed to media platforms, both old and new, that sustain and challenge our perceptions of the world, and employ similar narrative and poetic, as well as rhetorical and aesthetic, means across the board. In this way, we are presented with medial representations that engage us both affectively and in terms of cultural knowledge. In effect, private experiences are mediated as a public process we may have little control over.

Confirmed keynote speakers:
• Prof. Amy Shuman, Department of English (folklore, narrative, and critical theory), The Ohio State University, US
• Prof. Winfried Menninghaus, Director of Max Planck Institute for Empirical Aesthetics, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
• Dr. Jan-Noël Thon, Department of Culture, Film and Media, University of Nottingham, UK


Please register for the conference by 28 May 2018 HERE


Participation fees (VAT 0 %):

Early Bird, regular: 150 EUR (175 EUR from 1 May onwards)

Early Bird, doctoral researchers: 100 EUR (125 EUR from 1 May onwards)

The fee includes the conference programme and materials, scheduled lunches and coffee breaks as well as the conference dinner on 13 June at the restaurant
Finlayson Palace.


The participation fee is paid when registering for the event. The payment is made either with a credit card, by PayPal or via online banking (no additional charges). Participants from Finnish organisations can also choose invoicing as their payment method, in which case an invoicing fee of 20 EUR (VAT 0 %) will be added to the sum total. A payment receipt will be sent to you by e-mail. The system sends the invoice automatically after completing the registration. Please make sure that the invoicing details are accurate. If the participant has provided inadequate or faulty invoicing details when registering for the event, a supplementary 20 EUR (VAT 0 %) will be charged in addition to the previous invoicing fee for issuing a new invoice.


Cancellation policy
For cancellations received by 28 May 2018, the paid registration fees will be fully refunded, except for the possible invoicing fee. No refund will be issued for cancellations made after this date. No refunds will be made for no-shows. Participation that has already been registered can be transferred to another person from the same organisation without any extra charge. Cancellations and requests for refunds and registration transfers must always be made by e-mail to


Wednesday 13 June


9.00 – 10.00 Registration, Pinni B building lobby
10.00 Opening words (auditorium B1100, 1st floor)
10.15 Keynote I: Winfried Menninghaus
“The Enjoyment of Negative Emotions in Art-Reception”
11.30 Lunch (Restaurant Minerva, 2nd floor)
12.30 Sessions I
14.00 Sessions II
16.00 Coffee (Lobby buffet, 1st floor)
16.30 Conference panel I (auditorium B1100, 1st floor)
Literature and emotions: Creating emotion effects and affecting readers (LILI University of Helsinki)
19.00 Conference dinner (Restaurant Finlayson Palace, add. Kuninkaankatu 1)


Thursday 14 June


9.00 Sessions III
10.30 Keynote II: Amy Shuman (auditorium B1100, 1st floor)
“The Personal is Allegorical: The Production of Truths and Lies in Political Asylum Narratives”
12.00 Lunch (Restaurant Minerva, 2nd floor)
13.00 Sessions IV
14.30 Sessions V
16.00 Coffee (Lobby buffet, 1st floor)
16.30 Conference panel II (auditorium B1100, 1st floor)
Narrative Selves in Art and the Everyday (LILI University of Tampere)


Friday 15 June


9.00 Sessions VI
10.30 Keynote III: Jan-Noël Thon (auditorium B1100, 1st floor)
“Narrative across Media and the Challenges of Media-Consciousness”
12.00 Lunch (Restaurant Minerva, 2nd floor)
13.00 Sessions VII
14.30 Conference panel III (auditorium B1100, 1st floor)
Poetics and Politics of Contemporary Experimental Literature (LILI University of Jyväskylä)
14.30 Coffee (Lobby buffet, 1st floor)
16.00 Conference roundtable: The Literary in Life



Conference web site:
The Academy of Finland research project “Literary in Life”



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