Prof. Matti Hyvärinen: “Voices of Democracy: The Will of the People by the People and by Their Representatives” (2017–2021, Academy of Finland project).

Dr Maria Mäkelä: “Dangers of Narrative: Contemporary Story-Critical Narratology” (2017–2018, Kone Foundation).

Prof. Mari Hatavara: “The Literary in Life: Exploring the Boundaries between Literature and the Everyday” (2015–2019, Academy of Finland consortium project together with the universities of Helsinki and Jyväskylä).

Dr Saija Isomaa: “Darkening Visions: Dystopian Fiction in Literature and Film” (2015–2019, Kone Foundation).

Dr Maria Mäkelä: ”Voice as Experience: Life-Storying in Contemporary Media” (2014–2017, Academy of Finland Postdoctoral Researcher Project).