The Network of Europe-China Education and Innovation Studies (NECEIS) — is an international research networking hub, to host and connect researchers, practitioners and policy-makers in the area of European-Chinese education and innovation, particularly concerning issues related to EU-China cooperation. It is particularly for strengthening cooperation and integration between research on Europe-China education cooperation and research on Europe-China innovation cooperation.

It is initiated by the University of Tampere and its strategic partners who have been long engaged in research on Europe-China cooperation in education and innovation, such as the Sino-Finnish education research network between the University of Tampere and Beijing Normal University as well as various related projects in which UTA is coordinating or involved.

What is the vision of NECEIS?

NECEIS is to become a central forum for researchers and stakeholders in the area of education and innovation studies, as well as a prominent think tank to contribute to education and innovation cooperation between both sides.

What is the mission of NECEIS?

  • to strengthen research cooperation, networking and knowledge sharing regarding Europe-China education cooperation and Europe-China innovation cooperation, and hence support related policy dialogues and practices in each fields.
  • to integrate studies on both Europe-China education cooperation and Europe-China innovation cooperation.
  • to nourish a tolerant and friendly communication platform between Europe and China for relevant stakeholders in the area, such as researchers, practitioners, policy-makers, etc. to exchange ideas, establish connection and develop cooperation;
  • to play a role as think tank to facilitate the strategic decision-makings in both Europe and China in the area.

What does NECEIS do?

  • Research
  • Publication
  • Networking
  • Workshop and conference
  • Education and Training
  • Consultancy