New app for identifying inclusive and exclusive urban environments

OMAgroup is participating with Citynomadi Oy to AidEx 2018 in Brussels 14.11.-15.11.2018.

We are presenting an interactive experimental map on experiences of local residents in vulnerable or marginalized situations. Young adults with a migrant background were interviewed individually or in groups about their daily routes in the Tampere city center and in their living areas. Their experiences are marked in an interactive map that allows the viewers a perspective into how the space or the social encounters in that space constitute a sense of belonging or exclusion from the society among the participants.

The marks show that there are significant inclusive and exclusive places and activities in young migrants’ everyday life.  It also shows that young migrants are not a unitary group but they use and experience urban environments in variety of ways depending e.g. on the time of the day or year, their ethnic background or gender.

The future target could be the feedback for, both visual and textual, structural and to develop monitoring practices to encourage the development of more inclusive spaces that would be accessible to all residents.

The App will be launched January 2019. The final version will add older residents’ views in to the map.

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