The Future of Refugee Protection and Community Relations in Finland

Seminar organized by Dwellers in Agile Cities Project
University of Tampere, Building Pinni B, Kanslerinrinne 1, Tampere
We warmly welcome you to join a seminar on the future of refugee protection and community relations in Finland. The seminar is organized at the University of Tampere on Friday 1st December, 12-17 o’clock. The venue is lecture hall PinniB 1100.
Since 2015 refugee protection, asylum policy, the situation of the undocumented, forced returns and social polarisation have emerged as recurrent topics in the Finnish public and political debates. Societal developments and discourses affect people’s lives and their feelings of security and belonging in many ways. This became blatantly clear after the Turku attack, 18th August 2017. The position and rights of asylum seekers, both those in the process and those with a final negative decision, have become topics of heated debate. Besides newcomers in the society, these debates are reflected also on people who have received a refugee status, or who might have formal citizenship.
The seminar responds to a need to create a space to discuss what is happening in the field of refugee protection and how these developments affect not only individual lives, but also community relations. To explore the connections between these spheres, the seminar brings migrants, asylum seekers and refugees together with decision-makers, professionals and experts on integration and human rights. The talks and commentaries offer insight into how asylum seekers, refugees and migrants claim their place in society. The final session of the seminar addresses the human rights effects of current developments and sheds light on Finnish asylum policy from a human rights perspective.
The event is free of charge, coffee is included.
You can register for the seminar by 28th November through the following link:
Dwellers in Agile Cities (DAC) is a project funded by the Academy of Finland Strategic Research Council. The seminar has been planned in collaboration with participants in the Mun Kaupunki process where researchers of the DAC project have worked together with young adults with a migrant background to understand what kind of processes, practices and policies affect people’s sense of place and belonging. The aim of the Mun Kaupunki process is to find ways in which the voices of migrants, asylum seekers, and refugees could be considered in fulfilling their welfare needs and desires for inclusion in society.

See the seminar program at Dwellers in Agile Cities website.

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