Phd candidate

Yrjö Kallinen is a PhD candidate at the University of Tampere, Faculty of Social Sciences, in the discipline of sociology. Formerly (2014–2015) he was for two years a project researcher for the action-research project OmaPaja, with the pursuit of researching and enabling self-motivated action of young people in the segregated suburb of Tesoma in Tampere. In his thesis he is concentrating on a delinquent group of boys, with difficult backgrounds and stony routes to adulthood. In their late teen years they formed a very tight-knit group, whose orientation of action concentrated on petty theft, a reckless streetlife, and socially transgressive and excessive principles and practices. In the project, Kallinen is trying to cast light upon the cultural logics of transgression, dynamics of social and societal exclusion, and on the relations in which these come to exist and manifest themselves.


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