FERA Conference on Education at the University of Tampere on 15.-16. November 2018.

The theme of the conference is Virtue, Truth and Beauty in Education. The value perspective of education develops within the different periods, but in spite of the varying interpretations of value, the task of education begins anew with each child. Our time has to reflect on the issues related to valuable human life in the midst of global vicious problems. At the FERA Conference on Education, participants will discuss these challenges and try to find solutions to them. FERA Conference on Education 2018 is organised in collaboration with The Finnish Educational Research Association and University of Tampere Faculty of Education.

Please visit the conferences`s website for further information.


The picture on the website is of Tuisku Jarva’s and Juulia Järvistö’s work Syvällä (2017), photograph Miia Collanus.