The research deals with teenagers’ spontaneous friendships as an inclusionary resource. The premise is that friendship is not merely a private relationship but corresponds with broader communal and societal relations. The question is posed whether teenagers’ friendships can be recognized, mobilized and created to prevent their risk of marginalization and social exclusion.

The research consists of three parts: 1) a structural profile of teenagers’ friendships and social support networks, produced by network maps, 2) interviews with and observations of 13-16 years olds about the meaning and practices of their friendships and 3) interviews and observations of the negotiations on friendships which take place between teenagers and adults.

The research advances scientific discussion of resources in everyday life, the interaction between private and public relationships, and their institutional conditions. It is also of use to practitioners and policymakers who deal with teenagers’ risk of marginalization.

Duration: 2016-2019
Funding: Academy of Finland (Grant 285592)

Postdoctoral Researcher Riikka Korkiamäki
Tel. +358 50 3478790
University of Tampere, Faculty of Social Sciences, Social Work
University Concortium of Pori, University of Tampere Depatrment of Pori