National Doctoral Programme of Musculoskeletal Disorders and Biomaterials

National Doctoral Programme of Musculoskeletal Disorders and Biomaterials (TBDP), formely known as National Graduate School of Musculoskeletal Disorders and Biomaterials (TBGS), is a national multidisciplinary doctoral programme with over 100 PhD students. The programme is aimed to increase quality and efficiency of Finnish PhD student training in the field.


Past TBDP meetings and courses:

TBDP meetings and courses 2015:

TBDP Annual Meeting, Jyväskylä 22.-23.9.2015

16th International Symposium: Combined Endurance and Strength Training for Physical Fitness and Sports
Performance: From Science to Practice, Jyväskylä, 23.-25.9.2015

TBDP meetings and courses 2014:

International Symposium on Exercise Physiology: Focus on High-Intensity Training and Nutrition, Jyväskylä,


TBDP Annual Meeting 9.-10.10. 2014

TBDP meetings and courses 2013:

Biomechanics from Basic Research to Practical Applications, Jyväskylä, 28.-30.11.2013

TBDP Annual Meeting 7.-8.11. 2013

Turku Biomaterials Days 23.-24.10.2013

Novel Drugs and Drug Targets to Treat Inflammation, Ylläs, 12.-15.3.2013

TBDP meetings and courses 2012:

Advances in reumatology, Helsinki, 1.3.2012

Obesity as a risk factor for osteoarthritis, Vierumäki, 11.5.2012

6th Annual TBDP Meeting, Tampere, 1.-2.11.2012

International Symposium and intensive course, Jyväskylä 21.-23.11.2012

TBDP meetings and courses 2011:

Musculoskeletal science in translation – from cells to clinic and large scale epidemiology. Graduate Course in Lund University 24-28.1.2011

The Fourth Nordic Workshop on Quantitative imaging of Cartilage, Oulu, 17.-18.2.2011

Final Count Down, important advices how to finish your PhD, Turku, 28.3 and 2.5.2011.

Biomechanical Modelling of Human Movement, Kuopio, 5.-6.5.2011.

“Exploring Science and Culture”: The sixth Tartu-Turku-Tallinn joint meeting, Tallinn Estonia, 11.-13.5.2011

Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering: Basics and Clinical Applications, Oulu, 16.-19.5.2011.

5th Annual TBDP Meeting, Helsinki 9.-10.6. 2011

Bone research: from cell to fracture, Kuopio, 1.-2-9.2011

TBDP meetings and courses 2010:

5th WORK SHOP ON: Visualisation of cells, tissues and animals by light and electronmicroscopic techniques and tomographic, Oulu 25.-27.5.2010.

4th TBGS Annual Meeting, Suomenlinna and Hotelli Katajanokka, Helsinki 10.-11.6. 2010

TBGS course on: Planning and conducting an exercise intervention trial, Tampere 16.9.2010. Turku Biomaterials Days, 28.-29.10.2010.

2010 Intensive course: Mechanisms of Motor Control Adaptation, from Brain to Muscle Function, Jyväskylä 15.-21.11.2010.

TBGS course on: Metabolic bone disease – different aspects, Helsinki 26.11.2010.

Creativity in Research, Turku 13.12.2010

7 Secrets of Highly Succesful PhD student, Turku 17.12.2010

University Graduate Schools:

Turku University Graduate School, (in Finnish/in English). Courses on Transferable Skills

University of Eastern Finland (UEF) Graduate School, (in Finnish/in English) Courses on Transferable Skills

University of Oulu Graduate School (in Finnish/in English)

University of Tampere (in Finnish/in English) Joint Doctoral Courses

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