The network

The Finnish doctoral training network in philosophy was established in 2015 as a collaboration network for philosophy units in Finnish universities. It was preceded by the Doctoral Programme of Philosophy (1995-2015), which was funded by the Academy of Finland. The aim of the network is to support doctoral training in philosophy in the Finnish universities by providing travel grants, organizing an annual graduate conference, and supporting smaller workshops in order to bring people together. For practical and educational reasons, working language in events organized by network is English. Partner universities include all universities whose PhD-programs include philosophy: universities of Helsinki, Jyväskylä, Tampere, Turku, and Åbo Akademi. They have agreed that the post-graduate level philosophy courses in the partner universities are open for all members of the network.

The network has gained four year funding from the Kone Foundation (Koneen Säätiö) for the years 2016-2019. In 2018 the Kone Foundation decided to renew the funding for years 2020-2023.

The board

The activity of the nework is led by the board with representatives from all the partner universities. The current board members are prof. Eerik Lagerspetz (Turku), prof. Olli Lagerspetz (Åbo), prof. Arto Laitinen (Tampere), FT Raul Hakli (Helsinki), prof. Mikko Yrjönsuuri (Jyväskylä) and Jaana Virta (Phd student member, Tampere). The network is coordinated from the University of Tampere, by Arto Laitinen and Tommi Vehkavaara.

Members – Doctoral students

All the accepted doctoral students of the partner universities majoring in philosophy are members of the network. The board may accept also other doctoral students as members if their dissertation projects are of philosophical relevance.

Mailing list

The network maintains a mailing list distributing information relevant for doctoral students. The e-mail list of the late Doctoral Programme of Philosophy,, continues as the list of the new network. The members and the supervisors of doctoral students can join to the list by sending an e-mail to the coordinator Tommi Vehkavaara.

Travel grants

The network provides a possibility to apply travel grants for PhD students for participation in national and international events annually. Look HERE about the deadlines of the next round of ca. 15 travel scholarships (max. 700€). In the evaluation of the applications both the academic significance of the conference and its relevance to doctoral dissertation will be assessed. The application (to be sent to can be freely formulated, but it should be as brief and clear as possible, and include all the needed details.

Doctoral congresses

   The 2019 Congress for Doctoral Students in Philosophy

at the Tampere University in Mon 21 – Wed 23 October 2019.
The deadline of sending an abstract is 15 June 2019 – see more from HERE.

The network organizes doctoral congresses for the doctoral students annually. The first conference was held 24-26 October 2016, the second one in 23-25 October 2017, and the third one in 22-24 October 2018 in Tampere. The network aims to provide the accommodation for the participants and to recruit a competent commentator for each paper.

For a doctoral student, the participation in the congress requires the acceptance of submitted abstract and registration with full paper (8-12 pages in length, and presentable in about 20 minutes) that is sent to the commentator.
The abstracts and papers should be sent via e-mail to